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Series 3 Powerladder
EDP Powerwate

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Powerwate Series 3 PowerLadder

Powate Series3 Power Ladder Bucket

The edp® Powerwate PowerLadders have set the pace in the fruit picking and pruning industry for over 25 years. But now due to our commitment to continuous improvement, the new series of Powerladder has raised the standards once more.

The Powerwate PowerLadder Series 3 can now be supplied with an optional ‘failsafe’ braking system. This system allows the machine to be operated safely on minimal inclines, with the knowledge that the machine will not move or ‘creep’.

  • Features
  • Powered by a Honda GX340 SXE 11 hp overhead valve petrol engine with electric and pull start
  • Hydraulic drive via pump (single or double) through foot operated control valves to two drive wheel motors
  • Wheel drive 6:1 reduction drive motors with free-wheeling hub and over-running valve which self brakes through hydraulics
  • There are now 4 maximum platform heights available: 2.5 metres (8.4 feet), 3.0 metres (10 feet), 3.5 metres (11.5 feet) or 3.8 metres (12.5 feet)
  • Platform is designed for quick, easy, comfortable and safe operation. Foot controls, engine E-stop, start button, throttle control, variable ground speed switch, air outlet for pruning tools, padded picking bucket and tool box
  • Low-profile moulded engine cover has been designed so that it won’t catch on low branches.
  • Options
  • Can be supplied with an optional ‘failsafe’ braking system that means it can be used safely and with out worry on an incline.

Powerwate Powerladder Series 3 

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