Sugar Cane Blades

Pratco Industries is Australia's premier manufacturer of blades for mechanical sugar cane harvesting. Pratco has long been involved in the development and design of these components and supplies a large export market .Our quality products suit mechanical sugar cane harvesters operating worldwide and are the “first choice” of the major original equipment manufacturers.

Basecutter Blades
4mm, 5mm, 6mm standard and reversible. Duratech* hardfacing is available. 

Chopper Blades
Rotary 65mm and 95mm standard and a further range to suit various types of chopper systems.

Extractor Fan Hubs
Fabricated, Primary and Secondary.

Extractor Fan Blades
Primary and Secondary, various lengths to suit liner inserts.

 *Through the development of Pratco's hardfacing process "Duratech", we can offer premium product options for optimum performance.

Sugar Cane

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